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 Ghostbuster spooks the ladies!

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PostSubject: Ghostbuster spooks the ladies!   Thu Apr 30, 2009 3:48 pm

Local Ghostbuster spooks the ladies!

Reading my local gazette on line today (It's certainly not worth paying for) I see the Gazette's resident 'Ghostbuster' is out there spreading unfounded truths and creating credulous beliefs in the gullible yet again.

To Quote: Mr Hallowell said: "Without a doubt, the Customs House is haunted, but it is still a very welcoming place.

How can Mr Hallowell be so certain as to state in a local newspaper he has no doubts that the customs house, or any other building for that matter is haunted?

Does he have any evidence other than a few spooky campfire tales and his own blatant cognitive biases?

Does he have anything that would stand up to scientific scrutiny?

Absolutely not and I feel he never will.
Somehow he has managed a foothold in his local newspaper, something I as a sceptic have been unable to accomplish, pehaps my scepticism does not sell papers as good as a ghost story; or maybe the Gazette fears the Wrath or should that be Wraith of Mr Hallowell if they have the audacity to allow an alternative viewpoint access to his readers.

Now I do not mind ghostbusters poking around old buildings with their torches and geiger counters in the hope of busting some apparitions from the otherside, what bothers me is when they are given the voice of authority in a daily albeit local newspaper and no other opinion is allowed.

One sided blatantly biased journalism to me is not reporting, it is a form of thought control, by appearing as an authority Mr Hallowell reinforces the beliefs of the supernatural in the credulous and uninformed, which I feel is completely irresponsible.

Where is the evidence, the cold hard facts? Shadows, hot spots, cold spots, elevators moving, is this what the Ghostbusters call evidence?

My God they're clinging at straws now, undoubtedly to promote yet another of Mr Hallowell's rather credulous books that some people seem to lap up like pulp fiction.

If this is the best the Ghostbusters can provide for proof of life after death, I will not be holding my breath,



Skepticism is the agent of reason against organized irrationalism - and is therefore one of the keys to human social and civic decency.
Stephen J Gould

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Ghostbuster spooks the ladies!
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