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PostSubject: Equilibrium.   Fri Jan 16, 2009 5:50 pm

Todays topic is like something straight from the movie 'Equilibrium'. For those of you that do not know the movie it starred it stars Christian Bale (Batman) as a government agent whos job it is to punish those breaking the rules.

Books, art and Music are strictly forbidden where people are forced to succumb to a life of Governmental servitude where emotion is stricly forbidden.

Billed as 'The matrix meets 1984'I have to say the movie ended up so much more than that, perhaps even surpassing the Matrix as this holds sway a sense of Gritty realism, you can believe in the future a Government dictator could use a mix of politics and Law to control it's citizens.

We are after all currently living in what is comfortingly called 'A nanny state', where the loving Government protects us from the 'Insert your own paranoid delusional threat here!) as long as we submit to the wishes of our politicians; people whom have run our country in to the ground with grinding debt, or publicly proclaim Dyslexia a fallacy that should be thrown in the historical dustbin.

You may have noticed CCTV going up on seemingly every corner, this is to protect us from 'crime' apparently and has nothing to do with being able to track the movements of this Governments citizens. We also have Biometric passports coming in to play to counteract the 'terrorist threat'. How about the new ID cards which will push the UK into even deeper levels of debt, again to counter 'crime' and not so the Government knows your every move. Very sneakily they want to make your ID card your cash card, you will be paid wages/benefits/etc directly to your ID/Cash/Security card, which will again be Biometrically designed for added security, therefore eliminating the need for cash.

This card will bring benefits of not having to stand behind the one person at the till that pulls out of their purse the exact money in loose change and takes a half hour to pay for their loaf of bread. You pass the card to the cashier and it is swiped, your receipt will show your remaining balance on the card and maybe a good idea would be a digital card that illustrates how much you have remaining.

Being Biometric to use the card you may have to use a finger/thumb or eye instead of typing in your pin code. Sounds good up to now, especially from a crime prevention perspective, banks wouldn't need to worry about being physically robbed either in a cashless society, which makes it easier for Governments to participate in 'Quantitative Easing' also due to the fact they can just add a couple of zero's to their account and Voila! What credit crunch?

Im sure also that you can transfer money from your card to bank accounts of your choosing to save or invest, unfortunately that stash of cash under the bed will be no more, best look to Bullion Bars before it's too late.

What the nice politicians forget to mention ofcourse is that this means every transaction made can be tracked by Government officials, from the lowly uniformed Police officer right up to MI5/6. Again this is only to stop crime/terrorism/activist bloggers etc but it does make you a little paranoid, or maybe that's just me.

Which brings me back to my trigger for this article, Lightbulbs. Shops are no longer selling standard, good old fashioned 100 watt lightbulbs, they are being replaced by Energy saving lightbulbs. The E.U. is behind this directive, no surprise that a country that capitulated during WW2 is now running our country and this Government is backing it all the way.

Apparently the idea behind this is to get the UK consumer to switch to energy saving lightbulbs, in an attempt to stop Global warming. I have a few issues with this, the first being there is no clear cut evidence that Humans are contributing to Global warming. I agree Global warming is happening but I have not been adequately convinced we are the cause and certainly not convinced that switching to Energy saving lightbulbs will save the planet.

I also want to know why this Government, without asking us the consumer, feel they can force us to switch to energy saving lightbulbs. We have been given 3 choices, no light, dimmer light or energy savers that a lot of people do not like.

Where does this government stop? Are they going to enter our homes, scan our bookshelves and dictate what reading material we are allowed to read? Perhaps they want to go through our film collection and burn any copies of Equilibrium and 1984 they find, maybe rifle our music collection also for good measure.

A little alarmist perhaps but I defy anyone to read Orwell's '1984' then watch 'Equilibrium' and tell me there is no correlation. The future is happening now and we are passively allowing it, maybe it won't get that bad, but at the moment it's not looking too good either.



Skepticism is the agent of reason against organized irrationalism - and is therefore one of the keys to human social and civic decency.
Stephen J Gould

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