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 The cults of atheism

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PostSubject: The cults of atheism   Tue Oct 14, 2008 11:51 am

Atheism appears to be a common area for today's sceptics - Dawkins being a militant example. I see myself veering close to it through my agnosticism, but my sceptical mind forces me to accept that it is not just fundamentalist religious types that can warp perceptions of reality.

Your views on the following atheist cults:

Objectivism - described by Michael Shermer (a once advocate who keeps a picture of its founder in his office) as a cult of personality.

La Veyan Satanism - Anton La Veye described his Church of Satan as Objectivism with rituals added.

Communism - A political ideal, but Ayn Rand said that Soviet Russia had its own type of mysticism. Under communist rule China's woo-woo side of martial arts flourished. In John Humphrys' argument for agnosticism "In God we Doubt" he contradicted the claim that religion was responsible for more death than any other ideal by stating the fact that far more deaths were committed in the name of communism during the 20th century than all the religions combined.

Please add and comment on others as you wish.
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The cults of atheism
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