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 Geoff Thompson 'Romans' Auction.

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PostSubject: Geoff Thompson 'Romans' Auction.   Tue Jul 29, 2008 7:52 pm

Geoff Thompson.com
Chance to grab a bargain

This auction is to raise funds to promote the Geoff Thompson short film Romans 12:20.
It's being shown at film festivals in America and throughout Europe. The film was made on a 'wing and and prayer' and is a non-commercial endeavour. It's hoped that the money raised from these auctions will allow the producers of Romans 12:20 to have a presence at these film festivals.

These aren't just 'film festivals either, the one's in America go to make up the entries for the Oscars so it's important that the Shammasian brothers are there to support the film first hand. You taking part in these auctions won't just be about winning a great auction prize but you may be helping create a little piece of film history. Have a look at the details below.

Geoff Thompson.

Up To £1,000 Of Value For As Little As £1
As you may know, as one of my sideline projects, last summer we made a short movie. It's called Romans 12:20 and is written by Geoff Thompson, the best-selling author who also wrote the feature film Clubbed I executive produced and is out in January.

Romans 12:20 is a simply superb 30-minute film that explores the traumatic effects of child abuse and its consequences; strong script written from the heart, powerful images, tremendous acting, captivating directing and a soundtrack to die for. If you want to learn more, then visit http://www.romans1220.com.

It has been created by Ludwig and Paul, the award-winning Shammasian brothers, and sponsored exclusively by my readers, for which many thanks are hugely extended. It is a non-commercial endeavour that will not make any money, but it may very well win a few awards.

Indeed it is already the Official Selection of the Rhode Island International Film Festival (an OSCAR qualifier), The New York International Film & Video Festival (a BAFTA qualifier), and the Los Angeles ARPA International Film Festival.

And it is important that the Shammasians attend these festivals to promote this quality movie.

But they don't have any spare cash to achieve this.

Although on the strength of the movie they've been taken on by the top film directors' representative (The William Morris Agency), and could well become the next Ridley and Tony Scott, or the Coen Brothers, they have yet to hit the big time. But, believe me . it's just around the corner.

Therefore, I have devised a charity-type auction, which is now live and running on eBay, consisting of 17 lots of great value, that have been donated free-of-charge.

There are massive selections of books and DVDs available, free holidays on offer at home and abroad, autographed collectable one-off posters and unique photographs, and even dinners with various celebrities at London's famous Groucho Club.

And all these have no reserve price! Thus, you could pick any one of them up for just £1. Seriously. And the lots' values run up to £1,000 each.

Basically, we have to raise around ten grand to send the boys on their way, to cover the costs of economy fares and cheap hotels, and this money will get them to a good few festivals to promote Romans.

But we're not asking for a handout, because these lots have serious and real tangible value. There are some wonderful pleasures to be had for very little money, and also some very attractive investments. If Romans does win some awards, then the value of some of these lots, especially the signed one-off posters, autographed photos and shooting script, will go through the roof.

Thus, I invite you to:

1) Firstly, please click on the links below . and bid!

2) Secondly, please send this email message to everyone you know!

Good luck with your bidding.

Items on offer:
Romans 12:20 Full-Size Poster, Signed By The Cast And Crew (No 1 in a series of only 3)


Romans 12:20 Full-Size Poster, Signed By The Cast And Crew (No 2 in a series of only 3)


Romans 12:20 Full-Size Poster, Signed By The Cast And Crew (No 3 in a series of only 3)


A Signed DVD Copy Of The Shammasian Brothersí First Short Film "The Carriageway"


Weekend at a Timeless, Tranquil and Elegant Country Retreat, Worth Up To £1,000


A Signed Special Edition DVD Of Romans 12:20 with a Short ĎMaking Ofí Documentary and Interviews


Dinner For 2 in company with Ludwig & Paul Shammasian, Craig Conway and Peter Parfait


Dinner For 2 with Geoff Thompson At The Groucho Club, Soho, London


Free Weekís Holiday Accommodation in a Beautiful Crete Villa, for 6 People, Worth Up To £800


A Selection Of Original, Printed & Signed Cast & Crew Photographs From The Filming Of Romans 12:20


A Set Of All Geoff Thompsonís Books, Personally Signed, Worth Over £300


A Set Of All Geoff Thompsonís Self-Defence DVDs, 33 In Total, Worth Over £900


Copies Of Geoff Thompsonís Award-Winning Films Brown Paper Bag & Bouncer On DVD


A Signed Copy Of The Shooting Script Of Romans 12:20


Dinner For 2 with Film Producer Martin Carr and Movie Director Neil Thompson, at the exclusive Groucho Club, Soho, London


Free Admission For 2 People To Geoff Thompsonís Next Seminar


£300's Worth Of Free Investment Books From Booksender.com




Skepticism is the agent of reason against organized irrationalism - and is therefore one of the keys to human social and civic decency.
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Geoff Thompson 'Romans' Auction.
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