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 UFO's could reach Earth!

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PostSubject: UFO's could reach Earth!   Mon Jul 28, 2008 10:44 am

Listening to one of the many sceptical podcasts I have been bombarding myself with this weekend was an interesting article about how fast we can travel in space.

I was already aware that due to laws of physics we cannot travel faster than the speed of light, therefore the chance of reaching a planet outside our solar system is pretty negligible at the moment.

However Star Trek may have the answer - warp speed.

Warp speed does not mean the craft is travelling faster than the speed of light, rather space time is wrapped and folded meaning space in front, behind and around you is travelling faster than the speed of light, sort of you are stationary and space is oving around you.

Not the best way to describe it and cant recall which podcast, soooooo many in 2 days.

Thats the principle anyway and since there seems to be a general agreeent that alien life could be far technologically advanced to us, it does open reasonable doubt that alien life could visit earth! bounce

Something to think about any way.



Skepticism is the agent of reason against organized irrationalism - and is therefore one of the keys to human social and civic decency.
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UFO's could reach Earth!
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